FMNI: Family Mediation Northern Ireland

We help parents

focus on the child’s needs

We help you work together in your child's interests

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We help separated

parents to communicate

We help you to keep family decision making within the family

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We help parents

reach agreements

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If you are at the point of separation, or you are already separated or divorced, there may be issues causing you concern.

These might include parenting issues and the best arrangements for your children, financial matters such as the home and other capital, child support and maintenance or any other problem particular to your personal circumstances. Family Mediation offers the opportunity for parents, or (former) couples, to discuss any or all of these matters together with the assistance of a mediator to reach a jointly negotiated settlement.

Family Mediation is also appropriate in other family circumstances: for example, where families have an adult dependent for whom decisions need to be taken or where there are disputes between adult siblings.

FMNI Service is available throughout Northern Ireland.

Foundation Training Programme in Family Mediation

The Family Mediation Foundation Training Programme runs from September - November…

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Are you entitled to Free Mediation Sessions?

Funding has been provided by the HSC Board that will enable couples who have not yet…

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Family Mediation NI is supported to provide free family mediation to pre-court parents.

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