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    If you are at the point of separation, or you are already separated or divorced, mediation may help you focus on the future.

    Separating from the other parent of your children can be a very stressful and emotional time. At some point in the process of the breakup, you will recognise that an agreement must be found on how to move forward to ensure that your children are happy and continue to spend time with both parents.

    Consider mediation as a first option. The mediator will help you both generate options to find agreement to co-parent into the future. Your mediator will assist you to work through each parents agenda, remaining impartial and working with both parents to enable both to contribute and find compromise.

    Family Mediation is also appropriate in other family circumstances: for example, where families have an adult dependent for whom decisions need to be taken or where there are disputes between adult siblings.

    Mission Statement

    The aim of FMNI is to provide a positive approach to conflict management within families.  This can be in the context of parental separation as well as other inter family disputes.

    FMNI seeks to ensure that the UNCRC is the focus of all mediation that includes children.

    Family Mediation NI’s primary purpose is to support families to manage conflict.

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