FMNI contracts with a Panel of sessional Professional Mediators, who have completed the approved Foundation Training Programme and who adhere to College of Mediators UK and Mediators Institute Ireland standards and FMNI policies.

As a condition of their Service Level Agreement, Panel members are required to be registered with membership bodies, attend supervision, group supervision and Continuous Professional Development training events.

Mediators are required to work towards accredited status and are fully insured to practice on behalf of FMNI.

Who are the mediators?

Our Family Mediators are trained by our training department and accredited through our membership bodies. Professional Family Mediators who are offered a place on our sessional Panel or who are employed by FMNI have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the complexity of family life and of separation, divorce and family restructuring.

All our mediators work to professional standards and go through an annual renewal process to demonstrate that they have met the required standards of practice, supervision and Continuing Professional Development.

We are aware of other individuals, not associated with FMNI providing ‘mediation’ services. Please feel free to check in with us regarding any queries you may have about our Panel. We are fully insured and content to confirm our Panel Membership. We have an open and transparent complaints policy and adhere to all professional standards and charity governance procedures.

Read our Code of Practice from College of Mediators and Mediators Institute Ireland

CoM Code of Practice (.pdf)

MII Code of Ethics and Practice 2016 (.pdf)