To make your first appointment

( Pre-mediation Individual appointment )

Please phone

028 9024 3265

or Email

This is an individual appointment that provides you with the opportunity to learn more about mediation, your role in the process and the role of the mediator. It also allows you the time to ask questions and helps you decide if this service may be useful to you and your children. It is a time when the mediator is asking you many questions so that he/she may assess the suitability of your case for the model of mediation on offer within FMNI. Perhaps another service is more beneficial at this time and that may include a counselling provider, family therapy, a family solicitor, a financial adviser, an independent advice agency, social services or another type of support service.

It is in your best interests to make yourself available for any appointment that may be offered to you.

In some areas there are significant waiting lists and you will be informed of this after you have attended your first individual appointment.

If you fail to advise us of non-attendance you will be charged a fee and if you still require the service you may wait longer. You will appreciate that we have costs to cover as the mediator may have travelled to a venue to meet with you.

The service is offered by FMNI, a registered charity dependent on funding for the separated couples service from Government, this service is experiencing unprecedented levels of demand as the public, health professional, Judges and Solicitors recognise the benefits of early intervention services such as Mediation. We appreciate your patience and can assure you we are doing everything in our power to lobby for additional funding. You may also help with this and speak to your MLA about the challenges we face when trying to ensure access to a service that can, ultimately benefit children and the entire extended family.

Other family mediation dispute mediations will have different charging or different funding, so please contact us to discuss.