Challenging 5 mediation myths

By 23rd March 2023 Blog

There are many mistruths and myths surrounding the process of family mediation. In this blog post we look at 5 of the most common mediation myths and debunk them.


MYTH 1 “Mediation is a way to help us reconcile – it’s a type of counselling”

Truth – Mediation is not counselling. It is a practical and future focused process designed to empower separated parents to focus on their children’s needs and agree co-parenting arrangements following a separation or divorce.

MYTH 2 – “Mediation costs too much”

Truth – FMNI’s separated parents family mediation service is contracted by the Department of Health. It is free to those who are not in the court system.

MYTH 3 – “The mediator will make decisions for you”

Truth – The Family Mediator is a neutral third party. The mediator will not make decisions for participants, rather they are there to support separated parents to communicate, negotiate and agree on arrangements themselves.

MYTH 4 – “Using mediation is a sign of weakness”

Truth – Mediation is a voluntary process and can be a sign of strength and maturity. It shows a willingness to work collaboratively and find a mutually acceptable solution which focuses on the children’s best interests, rather than resorting to adversarial methods.

MYTH 5 – “Children cannot be involved in the family mediation process”

Truth – FMNI offers child-inclusive mediation. In this type of mediation, a trained mediator meets with the children separately from their parents to discuss their concerns, preferences and wishes regarding the family situation. Child-inclusive mediation can help ensure that children’s voices are heard, which can lead to better outcomes for the family as a whole.

If you are interested in family mediation and would like to discuss the process please contact FMNI on 028 9024 3265.