Finding Agreement – Family Mediation Week 2023

By 11th January 2023 Blog, News

When parents separate, tensions and emotions can run high and it can be difficult to find a resolution that works for everyone – especially the children who are caught in the middle. That’s where family mediation comes in. Family mediation is a process in which a professional, neutral third party, called a mediator, helps parents consider how they may communicate going forward and come to an agreement on the various issues related to their separation, such as parenting time, residency and child support. It empowers parents to find a solution that works for everyone.

One of the key benefits of engaging with  family mediation is that it can help families find agreement themselves, rather than  having decisions imposed by the courts.  Mediation provides a safe and impartial forum for communicating and problem-solving, and it gives parents the space and time to listen and be heard and encourages a future focus. This can be especially important in cases involving increased conflict over children, where it may be difficult for parents to communicate and find their own way.

Family mediation can also be a less stressful and intimidating process for everyone involved compared to going to court, especially for children. It provides a safe and neutral space for families to communicate, negotiate and find compromise. This can help to preserve the future parenting relationships and provide a sense of stability and security for children during a difficult and emotional time.  Considering you will no longer be in the adult relationship but you will continue to be a parent.

The effectiveness of family mediation in finding solutions is supported by research and we see first-hand the positive impact of family mediation on the families we have worked with. Our client feedback speaks for itself, for example:

“The service is great, a hidden gem, I was lucky found it in time or we would have been in court and with hindsight, that would have been a negative for our son”

“I gained clarity around all the issues that were holding us back and how I may help resolve these issues for my children… communication is key”

“Family mediation has made the family separation less stressful and beneficial for all of us”

Engaging fully with the process of family mediation can help families find solutions that work for everyone. It empowers parents to stay focused on the best outcomes for their children and protect them from any potential negative impact.

If you are going through a separation, consider family mediation. If you would like to speak to FMNI about mediation and find out if it is right for your family, contact us here. [contact link]

To mark Family Mediation Week 2023 we will be sharing infographics, success stories, tips, quotes, and research findings about the effectiveness of mediation for separated parents seeking co-parenting agreements,  on our social media channels. We hope you’ll join us! #FamilyMediationWeek