FMNI Annual Review 2023 & Strategic Plan 2023 -2026

By 20th October 2023 News

FMNI is please to publish the 2022-2023 Annual Review and our Strategic Plan 2023-2026.


Annual Review

FMNI is pleased to present the 2022 -2023 Annual review. Funding for continued delivery of services remains insecure at a time when there is a 9% increase in demand.

Despite all the potential barriers, 82% of cases completed with full agreement or co-parenting plan. And 94% of those who engaged with us, would recommend our service to family & friends.

You can read the testimonials from those parents who worked with us, provided in evaluation feedback. These are the motivators for all connected to FMNI to keep delivering, even those for whom mediation was not the solution at this time, provided positive feedback of their experience of engaging with us.

‘’Great help for me as a father, especially as I felt somewhat abandoned by this system’’

Read more about our year here.

Strategic Plan

 “Enabling the best outcomes for children when parents separate”

We are pleased to publish our Strategic Plan for 2023 -2026. We spent several months seeking the views of stakeholders including service users and others with influence in the world of funding and the Strategic Plan is the product developed with the Board of Trustees. We aspire to continue to deliver a much needed service that has positive long term, wide ranging impacts on children, separated parents and wider family members.

The Strategic Plan outlines our vision, mission, aims, values and our priorities, as well as our plans and challenges, and the outcomes for families and society when separated parents engage in early intervention, to focus on how they may parent apart.

Read the Strategic Review here.