24th March 2020

COVID-19 Update from Family Mediation NI

We recognise that separated families may experience additional stress as they navigate shared parenting and deal with the unknown progress…
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18th December 2019

The best gift for your children this Christmas is your time.

Christmas can be stressful for parents and children, especially for families where mum and dad live in separate houses. Family Mediation…
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4th December 2019

How Does Direct Child Consultation work?

As a Mediator with Specialist knowledge of working with children, I have had the privilege of being entrusted by parents…
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8th October 2019

What Family Mediation is and What Family Mediation isn’t.

  When we thought about blogging about this topic we decided it would be important at the outset to provide…
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7th July 2016

How can I access the funded mediation service?

Funding has been provided by the Health and Social Care Board since 2009 that enables separated parents who have not…
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4th July 2016

Donate to Family Mediation Northern Ireland

If you would like to help a family to avail of our Family Mediation services, you can make a donation…
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