FMNI Impact Report 2021-22

By 25th April 2023 Blog, News

FMNI has been consistent in its professional service delivery to separated families and that included during the Covid restrictions.  We are pleased to present an Impact Report for the year 21-22 that provides an insight into the service and the current demand from the public and the outcomes.

Working in an ever-increasingly squeezed funding environment, we have over delivered on the Deptment of Health contract by 20%.

We are pleased that the dedication of our staff and family mediators have assisted separating parents to manage their conflict and focus on the future needs of their children. Ultimately working together to agree on parenting apart, within their own bespoke co-parenting plan.  With the Department investing in our professional service, it assists prevent further difficulties, animosity, and additional costs to all government departments in the future, that can be the outcome of court action.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) are well documented and many children are subject to this when their parents cannot agree how they may parent apart and ensure the wellbeing of the child.

Therefore, early intervention  family mediation assists parents to work on their communication, manage their separation and reduce the likelihood of a negative impact on  their children.  Year on year we are experiencing an increase in queries around the services available, as more parents seek to be the decision makers around  their family needs.  4572 initial queries to our part-time Helpline and 2116 hours of mediation, with 83% of those separated parents who fully engaged with the process achieving agreements, sends a strong message to us, that more separated parents are keen to be empowered.

The trends regarding reasons for relationship breakdown in 21-22 include a snapshot of society and the challenges of modern family life, with 25 % siting communication issues and 24 % siting poor mental health, with 16% siting Covid pressure and cost of living.  As an organisation we will be seeking to further research  these trends to inform future service delivery, policy direction and focus on the needs of our service users. Maintaining standards of provision is crucial to ensuring that service users are accessing a professional service and we are therefore please that our evaluations returned by parents indicated  89% would recommend FMNI.

See the full report below: