Navigating Christmas while separating and sharing the Family Home

By 14th December 2022 Blog

Living in the family home, preparing for Christmas, managing family expectations AND you are separating….

The cost-of-living crisis has an added another dimension for those parents experiencing the end of their relationship, with financial pressure making another home not feasible.

At FMNI we are aware how stressful this can be for parents as

Mediators hear regularly from separated parents who have worked with us to find agreements.

Plan well to support your children

  • How and when will you communicate to plan how you may share the holiday period?
  • Where will you be and when – manage and support your children and one another’s expectations?
  • Keep children informed in an age-appropriate manner about plans for them.
  • Children regularly tell FMNI that they do not like being involved or witnessing parental rows as they love you both and you are both their parents.
  • Children benefit from witnessing parents find solutions.
  • Consider a counselling service to help you cope with emotions around the end of the relationship.
  • Try not to think too far into the future, stay focussed on the next few weeks.
  • Stay focussed on spending time with the children and family members who are supportive.
  • You may no longer be a couple, but you will always be parents.
  • Try and have planned, calm conversations around managing household finances.
  • Seek out tips on-line around managing emotions and managing conflict

Parents who demonstrate respect for one another lessen anxiety for their children.

Your children love both of you and most will have extended family that they are close too also.

Post holidays consider using our services to help you negotiate a bespoke co-parenting plan to assist you to parent apart whilst remaining in the family home, until you both can agree a change in circumstances.  All parents want the best outcomes for their children, but relationships do end, find a way through all the noise, by engaging in family mediation.