Court Referred Family Mediation

Information for Solicitor

In order to commence the mediation process the following documentation is required:

  • Completed FMNI Court Referral Form
  • Copy of Court Order directing clients to attend Family Mediation
  • Copy of Legal Aid Authority (if applicable)
  • Confirmation to make outstanding payments due within 30 days of receipt of FMNI Invoice

Once we have received the above documents FMNI will contact the solicitors to advise them to ask their respective clients to contact the FMNI office to arrange their individual pre mediation assessment appointments.

We are generally able to provide the initial intake appointment within 2 weeks of the clients contacting the FMNI office. This will depend on the client’s flexibility and availability to attend appointments offered.

After the pre-mediation assessment appointments (intakes), FMNI will advise the solicitors if the case is proceeding to joint mediation and will inform the solicitors of the date for the first joint mediation session.

Timescale for mediation:

  • This will depend on the complexity of the issues involved, whether child consultation is appropriate, flexibility of the clients to attend the appointments and their commitment to the process.
  • There is currently waiting list ( location dependent, starting from when both clients attend their individual appointments) to commence the joint mediation process. Generally clients will be required to attend 3-5 joint mediation sessions which can take place over a period of 3 months. (Some cases require more sessions).
  • If clients are flexible and make themselves available to attend appointments offered the process can take place over a shorter timescale.

FMNI will make every effort to accommodate court referred clients requests. However, due to the current demand on the service across NI, we require realistic flexibility with regards to availability.

After two offers of appointment times have been refused, cancelled at short notice or not attended, FMNI reserve the right to withdraw offers of further appointments to the clients and the mediators will be assigned to other cases on the waiting list.

Should both clients wish to re-engage in mediation, the 8 week waiting list will apply.

To assist FMNI in supporting clients we require the Solicitors involved to provide timely information on future court dates.

Referral to Out of Court Mediation
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Suitability guide for referrals
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