Information for Children

Are you the child of separated or divorced parents or perhaps you are feeling ‘caught in the middle’ of your parents separation? Perhaps you are thinking of talking to your parents about the use or benefits of mediation rather than getting ‘stuck’ in long drawn out court process? Thank you for visiting our website and please bring it to your parents attention. Many children now have separated parents. Sometimes parents are so unhappy and they do want to protect you and believe they can do this by not talking about their plans, this can be a normal reaction. If your parents contact us and want to use our service we can give them a special booklet that helps them to discuss how consulting with you may help.

FMNI is not a counselling service. If you feel you need to speak to a Counsellor please Contact Relate teen on 02890323454 or check out . Or Childline 0800 1111

Family Mediation NI seeks to ensure that parents and children are aware of the child’s right to family life as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) which aims to protect, promote and realise the rights of all children and young people in Northern Ireland. Separated parents mediation is therefore child focussed and seeks to include the views of the child indirectly or in some assessed cases directly. For you to participate in mediation we will require parental consent and the mediator will decide if it would be of benefit to you and your parents for you to meet privately with a specialist mediator. Your time with the mediator is confidential, you decide what is taken into the parental mediation session.

The UK Government will be examined in 2016 by the Committee on the Rights of the Child on its compliance with is obligations under the UNCRC. If you would like more information on this process or wish to be involved in the NGO’s alternative reporting process to the Committee please contact the Children’s Law Centre on 0808 808 5678