FMNI welcomes referrals from Social Work teams. As with all mediations timing is crucial, therefore the earlier in the dispute you make contact with us the better outcomes may be for participants.

Some cases that have proven difficult using traditional social work interventions can benefit from a meditative approach. However, if the case does not fit the funded criteria, we will require payment and are happy to discuss and quote per individual case. You will appreciate this depends on the number of participants to the dispute, the level of complexity and the number of sessions. The case presented will be assessed for suitability for entry into the service. You will appreciate that not all family related cases are suitable.

Examples of recent case that we were able to assist with include:

  1. Bereaved grandparents, parent with residency and child. Suicide of one parent has far reaching implications beyond the grief and loss experienced, it can also result in the parents of the victim being suddenly estranged from grandchildren.
  2. Adult siblings and elderly parent in dispute over their long term care needs.
  3. Teenage child estranged from one parent living with grandparent.
  4. Grandparents, Parents and grandchildren, with regard to special needs
  5. Blended family’s needs, where addictions or ill health have further complicated communication

FMNI as a ‘not for profit’ registered charity seeks to provide a pro bono service to those cases that would otherwise not be able to access such services. A number of our Panel are happy to help.

Please speak to us about any case you feel may benefit from mediation whilst appreciating that voluntary engagement of relevant participants is essential.