Client & Professional Testimonials

I have been discharged as the child’s Guardian ad litem so there is no need to update me on mediation.  I am aware all the parties felt the last session was really beneficial.  Hopefully, all family members can now move forward.

Good luck with your continued work.

Other Professional: I have friends who used your service when their marriage broke down and they found it very supportive – they have young twins and as a result of using FMNI, we can all meet up together with the parent’s new partners along as well! What a result for their children!

‘’I just want to say well done, I feared this couple would become entrenched in court and your service prevented that, I have no hesitation in recommending FMNI to others’


Court referred case on going.  Mediation between mum and 15yr old boy with health problems, Social Worker stated:

“Mum said that she feels equipped with the skills to avoid conflict with son during phone calls because of the work she has done with the mediator’’

(Comments from clients mother in a shuttle case – power imbalance –her daughter was unable to make decisions about the future of her children, mediation helped her find her voice)

“In the end she was able to find the confidence to speak and the mediator was terrific. I hope this continues to be the case in the future.”

Separated Parents Work

“Jackie is a real star, taking us through a very difficult part of our lives. She made the whole process easier and was incredibly supportive. As a result we have come out the other end as co-parents”

“Ken was absolutely fantastic – incredibly patient and calm. He kept control of the sessions even when faced with huge resistance. I don’t think anyone could have done more to help us focus on the important things, our children.”

‘’I can’t believe I got this type of service and didn’t get charged for it?  I don’t know how we would have got through this, as I know I lost sight of my son’s needs during the breakup and our mediator brought me back to earth’’

“Polly was brilliant. She helped me realise how my ex-husband was feeling and to understand our situation and the effects it was having on our children.”

“Mediator was very helpful, understanding, non-judgmental, patient, fair, efficient and professional.”