Family Mediation offers an alternative to conflict when families experience difficulties in relationships, particularly during or after separation and divorce. By managing conflict and offering an independent, privileged and impartial process, it empowers (ex) partners to negotiate solutions which meet the needs of their family, especially those of their children.

Mediation addresses the parenting issues which result from couple relationship breakdown and incorporates the views of children by indirect and direct consultation. Understandings reached together are written down to form a useful working document (Mediated Agreement) – the basis for future problem solving. It reduces both the emotional and financial cost of separation and divorce.

Ethos of the Training Programme

Throughout the delivery of the Foundation Training Programme there is a strong emphasis on the fundamental underpinning principles of family mediation i.e. respect for the views and feelings of the participants, respect for the interests of the children and others involved, respect for an equitable outcome, respect for the values of equal opportunity regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or disability and above all respect for the authority of the parties to make their own decision.

Course Validation

The FMNI Foundation Training Programme is unique in that it has all island approval. Our course is approved by the College of Mediators (one of the lead bodies of the Family Mediation Council, UK) for both generic and specialist family mediation. The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland has approved our course for both generic mediation training and their requirements for those seeking to offer separating couples mediation.

The dates for the 2024 programme are available here.