This page provides information about the Approved Foundation Training Programme. If you are interested in applying, please find guidance notes and the application form at the bottom of the page.


Foundation Training Course Aim

1. To equip trainees with principles, values, knowledge and skills required to practice as Mediators, in particular assisting couples following separation and divorce which includes:

a) Understanding of the theory and practice of family mediation;
b) Knowledge of conflict management strategies and family dynamics with particular emphasis on the effects of separation and divorce on children;
c) The ability to confidently deal with legal and financial issues in mediation;
d) Enhanced listening, probing and evaluation skills;
e) The ability to confidently and competently include the needs, wishes and feelings of children and young people in the mediation process through indirect consultation.

2. To provide those trainees who successfully complete the course with a qualification which is compliant with the standards of and recognised by The College of Mediators UK.

Objectives of the Foundation Training Programme

Upon successful completion, the participants will:

  • Meet the requirements of 60 hours training for application for MII Certified Member status PLUS the 32 hours Additional Knowledge Requirements for Approval to Practice in Family (Separating Couples) Mediation.
  • Meet the requirements for the Foundation Training in both Generic and Family Mediation Conversion Training for the College of Mediators (UK).
  • Have gained the requisite knowledge, skills, role play practice experience and self-awareness to start the required co-working practice experience in separating/divorcing couples mediation.
  • Have gained an understanding of the vital role of safe, reflective practice and supervision.

Methodology and Evaluation

Training Delivery

  • 12 days of training delivery by way of didactic input, facilitated and elicitive discussion with skills practice through role plays.

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Trainer, peer and self-assessment of each role-play.
  • ┬áTrainers’ assessment of drafting exercise and Learning Journal.
  • ┬áTrainers and trainee self-assessment of overall participation.
  • Option: MII Certified Role Play Assessment.


  • Required reading list, with recommended additional reading on specific topics.
  • Completion of Learning Journal including self-reflective element.
  • Completion of Draft Mediated Agreement.

Stage One – Training Programme

Successful completion of an approved course, such as FMNI’s Foundation Training Programme (FTP) leading to a Certificate of Completion from FMNI.

Note: At this stage those wishing to work in non-family cases can undertake The MII Certified Assessment Role Play with an independent assessor (please check the MII website for charges for accreditation). Successful completion of this entitles an application to the MII for MII Certified Mediator status.

Stage Two –┬áTraining Placement

Becoming an effective Family Mediator takes more than a set of skills learned during training: it also necessary to gain practical experience with ongoing self-awareness and professional support.

Stage Two is an assessed and supervised Training Placement involving co-working with an experienced mediator for a minimum of 10-15 hours to take place within twelve months of completion of the FTP. Those who successfully complete this stage will be issued with a Readiness to Practice Certificate and can then work without a co-mediator in family cases.

FMNI offers a limited number of Stage Two Training Placements each year to those who have successfully completed Stage One. Candidates can also organise their own Training Placement with another organisation with the option of the required supervision and assessment being provided by FMNI.

Stage Three – Practice Portfolio

Stage Three involves ongoing supervised casework, Continual Professional Development and the completion of a Practice Portfolio of mediation cases which is submitted for independent assessment by either The College of Mediators UK or The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.

FMNI uses a Panel of Trained Mediators to deliver its service across Northern Ireland and from time to time invites new members to apply to join its Panel. Panel members can then use their supervised casework to complete their Portfolio.

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