Continuing Professional Development for Mediators

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important part of training for practitioners in many professions. Naturally, it is also an important issue for mediators wishing to update their skills and practice.

Family Mediation
The UK College of Family Mediators expects its members to undertake a certain proportion of their CPD via recognised and approved routes. It is, therefore, a requirement that family mediators who are members of the UK College “gain a number of ‘specialist PPC-related CPD points’ to maintain their professional status”.

More information on this CPD can be obtained from UK College of Family Mediators directly.

Mediators Institute Ireland indicates ‘CPD has an underlying ethical premise that asserts that clients have a right to expect competent and skilled practitioners’.

Recent Overview of CPD for Mediators in the UK and Republic of Ireland for mediators was being discussed recently throughout the UK and Ireland. And quality standards have been revised and enhanced. The agreed recommendation is a minimum level of 15 points per year.

FMNI Panel of Mediators hold a Service Level Agreement that is reviewed annually. One of the conditions of Panel Membership is attendance at a number of CPD events.

Attendance of specialist conferences, training events, networking and supervision has formed the backbone of continuing professional development for FMNI Panel of Mediators. CPD opportunities included the following:

  • In-house training and development opportunities via the FMNI training team
  • External relevant conferences and training events.
  • networking events with guest speakers and/or discussions as well as networking opportunities with colleagues

From time to time the FMNI training team offer CPD that is open to external agencies and practitioners, please contact us to discuss your training needs.